The Leprechaun story

Once a pone a time there was a leprechaun. his name was kind restless mccheesy he was nice and he was ridding a boat . Then it crashed and then he got lost. One day he was trying to get back home but he did not know the way to go  home. So he stayed a day then he was able to get back home and then he was happy.

1. we are  farmers  du du du du du du du

2.  you don.t  have  to  be  lonlye  at  farmers  only  .com

3. the  snack  that  smiles   back

4.  i.m   lovin  it

5.  play  doh  doh  doh  play  doh  doh  doh play  doh

6. o.o.o rily  atao  parts

state   farmer   is  on  your   side

8. taco  bell  dong

9.nation  wide  is  on  your   side  firger  licke   good