This is what I learned about 9-11 . 9-11 is a sad thing ,the people who did it did not do the right thing they must not have thought about what they did .I what to know why these people did that.Because they harmed people that did nothing to them.When you are going to do something that can harm you and others think about it first before you do it.The people that did it are really rude because the World Trade Center was really popular when it was here.All the firefighter Emt,cops and others that help they are the real super heros. God was looking down at all the people that help people that were trap in the buildings.When people were running out some of the firefighter were running in.There was so much smoke coming out.The twin towers were so important to people that some people were so mad and sad.9-11 was so importen.It was so sad that I cried the whole time in class.There were 4 planes that hit and 2

Life in 5t grade

Life in 5th grade is awesome. I am loving it.  It is awesome,you can do a lot of fun things.

We learn a lot of fun things. Like math,reading,science, ss, lart. I am having fun. I love all my teachers they are fun.

There names are Mrs.Mcfall, Mr.Mac, Mrs.Brantley,Mrs.Owens,Mrs.Ummel. They are all awesome. We are a grate team.