The awesome story.

Once there was a witch that set off during a rainstorm.On her way she saw an abandoned school. She went in and found a dead body on the floor… it was a old teacher, Mr.Medodolbob . He was a 5th grade teacher. There were kids that were not dead so she scared them,and they ran in a class  room. They were in 1st grade and their teacher said ,”What is all this noise ? “Their teacher was a zombie.All the windows were broken.They had no chairs, desks or anything. There was a vampire hanging from the ceiling and she was sleeping.”The witch said,” What are you doing up there? The vampire came down. The vampires name was Dog man and he was nice. The witch said,Why don’t you come with me?”So she did.Breanna ask,” the witch where are we going?” The witch said” Well, we are going to my place.”The witch took her there. The witch’s house was scary. There were a lot of thing like a big bowl,sticks,chair,skeleton bodies, ghost and more. The ghost said hi to the little girl and scared her. She didn’t  know where the ghost was. The ghost’s name is Jake and he didn’t mean to scare her. He is invisible. Breanna was a little girl.She was scared because she walked past the house.The little girl was 7 in a half. The little girl was at the witch’s house.