Once there were 5 dogs and there names were Biscit,Bruce,Bella,Sadie,and Brownie.Biscit is a long weenie dog,Bruce is a short hair weenie dog,Bella is a short white hair weenie dog,Sadie is a puppy bitbull,Brownie is the biggest one of all of them.It was a summer of 2018 on April 13 2018.They are at the park playing.Bella is being sassy and rude.Brownie is populor and thinks she knows everthng.Her sister bella is not populor like she is.One day we were playing and then all the sudden we hear that a dog named IKE had ran away.We start looking around and I see him,so we walk up to him and said you should be at home.Why are you here witn out your owner.He said my owner sent me to Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy.I ran away.My owner never looks both was befor crossing the road.IKE heard someone helling and he went and saved them from geting het by a truck that was coming by.It was IKEs owner that he saved.She was not mad that he had tonre her coat at all.All she was was glade that she got IKE back.

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